Habitat Restoration and Wildlife Protection Services, LLC.

A full service environmental consulting company, specializing in land management & restoration, endangered & threatened species protection, wildfire risk assessment and controlled burning.

HRWP is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer with a formal Drug-free Workplace Program. Employment eligibility of all HRWP employees is confirmed through the Homeland Security and Social Security Administration EVerify Program. HRWP has been providing service to various entities within Lake County since 2008.

Habitat Restoration & Wildlife Protection Services, LLC (HRWP) is a full service environmental consulting and ecosystem restoration company that provides professional solutions for designing, permitting, constructing, restoring and managing natural and de-graded habitat within all types of ecosystems for all species of plants and wildlife throughout central Florida and the SE United States. HRWP staff utilizes a “hands on approach” as we supervise our client’s projects and work to meet their goals and expectations by building trustworthy relationships.

HRWP’s goal is to provide responsible stewardship of the land and water resources owned and/or managed for our clients. This is accomplished through one-on-one meetings, detailed discussion of the client’s needs and providing expert guidance concerning habitat management, wildlife protection and identification of any potential impacts to our sensitive environment.

HRWP offers site evaluations for the purpose of preparing site specific mitigation options, habitat creation and/or restoration plans, listed species protection and habitat management plans, relocation proposals, chain saw, mechanical and herbicide treatments, and prescribed burn plan preparation and implementation.

HRWP offers permitting & relocation services by an FFWCC Approved Authorized Agent for the threatened gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) and commensal species.

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